Features you need to collect more cash, faster
“The software is robust. You automated the collection process in an innovative way that saves me a lot of time and hassle.”
Leon Presner - DEFENDIT Legal Services

Smart, Automated Reminders

Our reminders are different. They're smart. They incorporate a proven methodology that drives clients to pay. They know what to say, when to say it and how often. They work, and they're awesome. You'll spend less time chasing clients for money. And, say goodbye to your stress.

Easy-to-Use, Tracking Engine

We designed our software for lawyers, not techies. So, don't sweat when there's a change to a payment plan. Our software takes care of it all and will keep track of every change. You can be sure nothing falls through the cracks. Bring it on!

Client Account Summaries, Reimagined

We've made sending a client account summary easy. It takes seconds. But we didn't stop there. We've reimagined what that summary should look like. What it should say. Now, your clients are 100% clear about what they owe you, why, and when. There's no room for confusion. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to faster payments.

Reports That You'll Use (Really)

Every morning, we'll email you a daily cash flow report. The report is designed so you can easily manage every payment owed to you. The report is actionable, which means you'll be in the driver's seat, growing your cash flow. And you'll get visibility to your cash flow so you can properly plan.

More Features

Dedicated text number

Communicate using a dedicated text number. Get all the benefits of texting while keeping your personal number private from your clients.

Text backup, all in one place

All text communications are saved & backed up. Easily accessible & managed on a client-by-client basis. No need to take screencaps.

Key date tracking

Never lose track of payments owed to you relative to an upcoming important date. That means you’ll always have enough time to push for payment or remove yourself from the case.

One-click account status

Shows what’s been paid, when it was paid, & what’s due. Saves a lot of time. And ensures no misunderstandings.

Quick-access to pay status

Client “snapshot” displays key info: client late (or on time), % of total fee paid, balance owed & number of days until next important date. Takes only seconds to know where you stand with the client.

Record all payment types

Enter all payments - cash, check, debit, credit card, bank deposit. Our software will keep track of it all.

Detailed payment ledger

Client account shows detailed list of payments made & due dates. Color-coding makes it easy to decide whether to allow extensions based on whether payments have been timely.

Flexible payment sorting

Sort your clients by plan status (late / on time), how late, by overdue amount & relative to upcoming key date. Quickly identify which clients are falling behind.


All functionally designed for mobile use. View payment status, accept payments, modify plans. Save time & get it done while its top of mind. And get it done with great ease.

Text online from your computer

Text with your clients from your computer or laptop. Say goodbye to cramped things and small screens.

Never miss a client text

We know you won’t live inside our app. So when a client communicates with you, we will text and email notification to you.