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Designed, built and proven by Lawyers for Lawyers.
“Your software and system are very effective in collecting payments. It just works.”
Dean Collett - Collet Read LLP


Our “Cash Accelerator System” is effective. It helps Lawyers collect more receivables faster and improves your cash flow.

Our system includes software (that automates the cash collection workflow) and our 4-stage, done-for-you implementation (where we work closely with you to accelerate and improve your cash flow). We’re with you every step of the way.

Lawyers experience three significant benefits of using our system.

1/  Improved receivable collection rates.

All lawyers using our software collect more payments, faster. And, they save a lot of time and aggravation from chasing clients to get paid.

Over time, cash flow will become consistent and predictable.

2/  Happier clients.

Our receivable collection workflow is based on proactive communication. Your clients will be kept up to date with their payment arrangements with your law firm. This communication provides clarity to your clients about what they owe you, when and why. You’ll have fewer misunderstandings regarding payment, which will increase client satisfaction.

3/  Growing revenue.

And finally, you’ll be able to grow your revenue with confidence by offering payment plans knowing you’ll be able to collect payments without hassle. And, you’ll be able to grow knowing that you have the time to focus on building your practice (and not chasing clients to get paid).

Schedule a demo, and you’ll see how we do it.

Our software is designed to help lawyers with higher-volume practices collect more receivables faster.

The lawyers using our software typically have a receivable collection problem that falls into three categories.

Category 1 are lawyers that have receivable collection rates below 80%.

Category 2 are lawyers who don’t know their receivable collection rate but know they are spending too much time chasing clients to get paid.

Category 3 are lawyers with a high receivable collection rate (e.g. > 90%) but spend too much time getting to that high collection rate. These lawyers don’t have extra time to focus on their casework, growing their practice, etc.

Lawyers falling into these practices span multiple practice areas such as Family, Criminal, Immigration, Bankruptcy, Debt Defense, and many other areas of the law.

Bottom line. The lawyers that need our software know they have trouble collecting receivables. The pain point is real. And the cost of those lost receivables often runs into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Schedule a demo, and you’ll see the value in minutes.

No.  We do not process payments.  However, many of our users incorporate credit card payment links (such as those from LawPay, PayPal and Square) into our texting workflow.

Schedule a demo, and we will show you how this works.

Our “Cash Accelerator System” is easy to use. We designed this system for lawyers, not techies (we’re lawyers too!).

But, we know some lawyers are not as comfortable as others with technology. We get it. So we’ve put in place a very hands-on implementation plan.

Every lawyer that uses LawExpand is assigned a dedicated Cash Flow Expert. You’ll get one-on-one support from the day you sign on, and that support will continue as long as you are using our service. That support includes phone calls, chat, email and live Zoom. All sessions are one-on-one. We give you the dedicated support that you deserve.

So if you’re even the slightest concerned about using technology, don’t worry. We got your back.


Many of the lawyers using our software have been in similar circumstances. We’re ready for all data entry scenarios. We will work with you to get the data in our system. We make the process easy for you. We promise.

Three reasons.

1/  A technical perspective

We have a seasoned team of software engineers that are part of the founding team.  We know what we are doing and having a strong commitment to security and privacy (please read the next question below for details).  And, please see our team profiles here.

2/  A reputational perspective

Two of our co-founders, Daniel Joffe and Jonathan Cohen, are active licensees in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario.  The Law Society of Ontario is the sole governing body of legal professionals in Ontario and is the largest law society in Canada.  Our reputations are everything to us.  You can search our law society profiles here.

3/  A user perspective

We have many happy, licensed lawyers and other legal professionals that are active users and are comfortable with our software, our service and integrity.

Our software was designed by technology veterans with decades of experience building robust and secure technology products and services.

Dedicated Servers – We maintain private servers under our control with application and database separation.

Full Data Encryption – All communication to our servers is protected via SSL encryption to ensure information privacy and safety from unauthorized network surveillance.

Data Backup – All data is securely stored offsite. Backups are executed every 24 hours. Multiple backups are stored over rotating 7-day periods.

Data Privacy – Data privacy is paramount. We comply with the highest privacy standards and will not share any information with anyone other than the intended recipients, as stipulated by the sender.

Yes. There is a full-function free trial. Go to our pricing page for details.​