Helping Lawyers Collect 90%+ Receivables Without Chasing Clients
Our “Cash Accelerator Software” automates the cash collection workflow with done-for-you implementation.  The impact: growing and predictable cash flow (without wasting time).

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We make getting paid easy

You want to get paid on time.  But we know the reality.  Missed payments.  Short payments.  Changing dates.  You have to keep track of everything.  And then you start chasing clients for payment.  It’s exhausting, time-consuming and stressful.

"I encourage lawyers to spend time speaking with Dan and the team. The fact that the LawExpand founders are licensed legal professionals that have built a successful law firm shows. They understand the psychology of clients under the pressure of a legal issue. They know how clients think in this high-pressure context and how they act when paying legal fees. LawExpand successfully transfers that psychology into their software and system. We’ve been on LawExpand for a while now, and our collection rates have dramatically improved. We’re thrilled."
Dean Collett - Collet Read LLP

“Done for You” implementation

Getting to 90%+ A/R collection is critical.  The stakes are high because cash flow is oxygen.  If you don’t have enough of it, you won’t survive.  But you’re busy.  And fixing cash flow is an iterative process that needs to be properly implemented and nurtured over time.
“The LawExpand team has been fantastic. They have delivered on every promise and more. Just getting started was a big relief. The team took charge and input all our payment plans. Their team worked closely with us at every step over the months. They taught us how to use their system to improve our collections. And with LawExpand’s guidance, we’ve overhauled our client in-take system. We’re now optimized for successful payment collection, from client intake until case closed. ”​
Leon Presner - DefendIt Legal Services

Payment communication keeps clients happy. And protects your law license.

Lawyers are not comfortable talking to clients about getting paid.  But payment communication is not an option.  You have to do it or you won’t get paid.  And poor communications can lead to client fee disputes with your State Bar.
“The pattern and tone of client payment conversations have changed in a very positive way. Before LawExpand, we spent a lot of time following up about money owed and going through details of payments amounts. Those conversations have changed 180 degrees. Now we have clarity to the payment conversation. It's now common to have clients reach out to us proactively about their payment situation. LawExpand has made getting paid a lot easier for us. ”
Jessica Read - Collett Read LLP

Payment system enabling you to grow

We’re in a recession.  Clients are going to need help with cash flow and will look for lawyers that offer payment plans.  If you don’t offer client financing, other lawyers will.  You’ll lose out on that business and the potential to grow.
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“There are only so many hours in a day, and I spent too much of them on my payment plans and trying to get paid. In many ways, realizing how much time I spent collecting made me hesitant about offering financing to new clients. There was always some uncertainty about whether offering client financing was worth it. Thankfully my situation changed with LawExpand. I now have the time and confidence to grow my practice, and that’s what I’ve been doing.”
Steven Petersen - Petersen Legal Services

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